Before Investing In

Tulum Real Estate

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Before Investing In

Tulum Real Estate

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What will you learn on this webinar?

Why Tulum?

  • What did our Tulum market study reveal?

  • Why is Tulum outperforming Cancun and Playa Del Carmen?

  • The law that makes Tulum different

  • How you can buy in Tulum as a foreigner

What to look for in property you buy?

  • What is a lock-off design for AirBNB?

  • What type of property is going to rent the best?

  • Where are good up and coming places to invest in Tulum?

  • What should I avoid when investing in Tulum?

What returns are possible?

  • What makes a Tulum rental property successful?

  • LIVE view of AirBNB properties and numbers

  • Tulum's massive growth and how long will it last?

  • What is annual appreciation in Playa/Cancun/Tulum?

About The Developer and Webinar Host

Sales strategist, entrepreneur, investment consultant, and real estate developer, Tony Martinez is the founder of FEARLESS Sales and Entrepreneurship Seminar and is one of the youngest sales strategist and consulting experts in the industry.

At the age of 21 he became the youngest sales director in the timeshare industry. His passion for continuous learning, self-improvement and consumer behavior has lead him on a very impressive trajectory having worked and consulted timeshare resorts such as; The Hilton Grand in Las Vegas, Sheraton Resorts in Los Cabos, Occidental Resorts in Aruba, Dominican Republic and Cozumel.

He's also worked and consulted real estate companies such as Top Mexico Real Estate, Los Amigos Tulum, Gama Master Brokers amongst many others.

Today, he continues a successful sales career as an investment consultant, sales strategist and real estate developer who shares a wisdom and understanding of human psychology that transcends cultures and languages.

Tony Martinez